Nurse’s Pantry

In-school resource of clothing, toiletries and other wellness products so kids can succeed in school and in life

About Nurse's Pantry

FOR A FAMILY LIVING IN POVERTY, a lack of simple items such as hygiene products and school-approved attire, can keep children out of school for days, even weeks. For these children, lost school time means lost learning time, which can leave them less likely to achieve academic success.

Lack of Access

to basic necessities is a leading reason for chronic absenteeism

How it Works

Elementary students are introduced to The Nurse’s Pantry through school nurses, principals and guidance counselors. In addition to attire, The Nurse’s Pantry also provides hygiene items, appropriate footwear, outerwear, undergarments, and lice treatment kits. The United Way has created and facilitates The Nurse’s Pantry in 34 schools in 10 school districts throughout the Wyoming Valley.

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