Loads of Love

Limited access to clean clothes can affect children in poverty and their chances of success in school.

RESEARCH HAS SHOWN that having limited access to clothes or laundry facilities can cause children to be bullied and not want to attend school. Some families may even rotate clothing items among siblings because they do not have extra resources at home. That’s why United Way of Wyoming Valley launched the Loads of Love initiative.

How it works

In participating schools, students in need are identified by a trusted teacher, administrator or school nurse to get connected to onsite laundry facilities and detergent to provide a discreet solution to the challenge of having clean clothes.

“Lack of access to adequate laundry facilities is a sad situation and highlights the rampant poverty levels we face in our schools. This simple concept fills an immediate need for students in our underserved communities, helping them stay in school and continue their education.”

Margo SerafiniPrincipal, Kistler Elementary School.

How You Can Help

YOUR DONATION helps us purchase washers and dryers to remove one small but important barrier to attendance — access to clean clothes.

For more information

For more information, please view the flyer below or contact us.

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