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The United Way of Wyoming Valley is a nonprofit whose mission is to bring together individuals and businesses in our area, help them invest in our community and in turn, make it stronger. One third of all children under age 5 in Luzerne County is growing up below the poverty line. It doesn't get much better for all youngsters under age 18; nearly 29 per cent of them live in poverty. Our goal is to reduce those statistics, by creating a movement that engages all of us to bring passion, creativity, and philanthropy to the fight against childhood poverty. Please join us!

Making a greater impact in the local community
We bring everyone together and build on our collective strengths to provide solutions to issues within our community.
Together, we can do more.

  • Day of Caring
    United Way of Wyoming Valley has sponsored its annual Day of Caring. See these great volunteers at work!


    If your business, industry or organization would like to join the Day of Caring effort and help you're community,

    Please contact:

    Yvette Magistro
    United Way of Wyoming Valley

  • Tocqueville Society

    "When an American asks for the cooperation of their fellow citizens, it is seldom refused; and I have often seen it afforded spontaneously, and with great will" -- Alexis de Tocqueville, 1835

    United Way of the Wyoming Valley Tocqueville Society

    Leadership, Generosity and Compassion to Advance the United Way's Movement to Cut Childhood Poverty

    The National Tocqueville Society

    The United Way Tocqueville Society was formed in 1984 to deepen individual understanding, commitment and support for United Way's work in advancing the common good by creating opportunities for a better life for all. The Tocqueville Society recognizes local philanthropic leaders and volunteer champions who have devoted time, talent and funds to create long-lasting changes by tackling our communities' most serious issues.

    Membership to the Tocqueville Society is granted to individuals who contribute at least $10,000 annually to a member United Way.


    For more information please contact Bill Jones at

  • Dorothy Darling Society
    Dorothy Darling Society

    Established in 2004, the Dorothy Darling Society was created to honor people who serve their community at extraordinary levels - giving immensely of their time, talent and resources. This distinguished membership recognizes donors who generously contribute $5,000-$9,999 annually to the United Way of Wyoming Valley.

    Dorothy Darling is an area native who has continued her family's legacy of generosity to support children and family programs throughout the Wyoming Valley.


    For more information please contact Bill Jones at

  • Young Professionals Society
    Emerging Leaders represent the next generation of business and community leaders

    Young Professionals Society (YPS) represent the next generation of business and community leaders giving back to the Wyoming Valley Area.

    United Way of Wyoming Valley is in the process of fostering a network of philanthropic young professionals committed to reducing childhood poverty in the region, with the focus on supporting and volunteering with Early Education projects and initiatives for youngsters in our area under our "Poverty to Possibility" Movement.

    For more information about joining our YPS, contact Yvette Magistro at

  • Impact Council & Investment Committee Volunteers

    The United Way of Wyoming Valley Impact Councils
    United Way of Wyoming Valley Impact Councils

    United Way of Wyoming Valley Impact Councils identify needs and improvement strategies for the community in the areas of Education, Financial Stability, Health, and Safety Net.

    Impact Council volunteers represent United Way donors, clients and partners in the process of identifying and achieving the results necessary to address Wyoming Valley's most critical human service needs. Impact Council volunteers actively engage in a range of activities designed to create community impact around a broad set of community goals and more specific community objectives, all of which support the overall mission of United Way to reduce the number of children and families living in poverty in Wyoming Valley.


    For more information, or to volunteer, contact Kendra Radle, Director of Community Investment, at (570) 829-6711 extension 1235 or