For 2016 Gravestone Manor unleashes an all-new story line, new rooms and new special effects!

Something odd is happening in a patch of woods just off route 315 in Plains, Pennsylvania. People keep vanishing. Not so many people, or so frequently, that it couldn’t be attributed to ordinary, undetermined causes.

However, one lone detective with a dingy office in the basement of his precinct has other ideas about what might be happening out there in the woods. Strange ideas.

Everyone who buys a ticket to this year’s show will become an apprentice detective. You will join this veteran investigator as we look into the latest car crash. Together, we will follow the clues to the dark places they lead.

Gravestone Manor is a unique blend of interactive live theater with haunted house style scares. We do not recommend our 2016 production for children under 8 years of age. Everyone who works on Gravestone Manor is a volunteer. ALL profits from this event are funding United Way of Wyoming Valley. Come join the fun!