A house party that ended in terror. A murder the police could never solve.

This fall, Gravestone Manor will present an entirely new, original story: COLD CASE

Only one person alive today saw the intruder that night. A child at the time, the memory is long buried - a stain that resides deep in their subconscious.

To solve the mystery we have hired a world-class psychic.

Join us, as we regress the only living witness back to their childhood, back to the night of a party that went horribly wrong. Together, we will enter a nightmarish world of memories. The chase is on...

Gravestone Manor is a unique blend of interactive live theater with haunted house style scares. We do not recommend our 2017 production for children under 8 years of age. Everyone who works on Gravestone Manor is a volunteer. ALL profits from this event are funding United Way of Wyoming Valley. Come join the fun!