spirits of the manor

Your new house is haunted? Who are you going to call?

This fall, Gravestone Manor will celebrate it's 20th anniversary with an entirely new, original story: Spirits of the Manor

World-renown celebrity, Nicky Nichols, has been tasked with finding, filming and finally eliminating the spirits that inhabit the manor. Nicky, last seen hosting the internet game show, Yours, Mine or Grandma’s, has decided to move onto a new frontier – Ghost Hunting.

Join our charismatic host on a journey to find and fight the supernatural beings on a journey into the unknown.

Gravestone Manor is a unique blend of interactive live theater with haunted house style scares. We do not recommend our 2018 production for children under 8 years of age. Everyone who works on Gravestone Manor is a volunteer. ALL profits from this event are funding United Way of Wyoming Valley. Come join the fun!